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As founder of The Center for American Liberty, Harmeet Dhillon is a nationally recognized lawyer and passionate advocate for her legal clients. Dhillon is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the University of Virginia School of Law. She is a frequent television news commentator and columnist on legal and current affairs.


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SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Home Religious Gatherings

Governor Gavin Newsom has lost again at the United States Supreme Court. Late Friday night, the Court granted injunctive relief in the case of Tandon v. Newsom. This is the fifth time in a matter of months that the Court has ruled against Governor Newsom and rejected analysis from the Ninth Circuit

Breaking: SCOTUS Sides with The Center for American Liberty in Gish v. Newsom

Washington D.C. —The Center for American Liberty (@Liberty_Ctr) in conjunction with the Dhillon Law Group, Inc. (@DhillonLaw), on behalf of churches in San Bernardino County and Riverside County represented in Gish v. Newsom, the Supreme Court of The United States ruled tonight that the denial of an injunction by both the District Court and the 9th Circuit was wrong.

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