Julie Jaman v. City of Port Townsend

Julie Jaman v. City of Port Townsend

Banned for life.

When Julie Jaman saw a man in a women’s swimsuit assisting young girls undress in a pool locker room, she was startled and shocked. She believed she may be witnessing a crime in progress.

The Port Townsend City Pool—operated by the local YMCA—has a policy that allows men who identify as women to use women’s private spaces like bathrooms and locker rooms. But the YMCA didn’t publicize the policy or warn the women using these facilities that they could be sharing the space with a man at any moment.

In the locker room, Julie was understandably concerned by the situation playing out in front of her. She confronted the man and asked him to leave. Within moments of this conversation, YMCA staff began berating Julie for her comments.

Instead of addressing Julie’s concerns, the YMCA immediately subjected Julie to a series of escalating punishments:

  • YMCA staff told Julie that her objection to having a man in the woman’s locker room was “discriminatory.”
  • Because Julie’s comment was “discriminatory,” the YMCA banned her for life from all facilities run by that YMCA branch.
  • When Julie objected and attempted to explain her side of the story, YMCA staff called the police on her.

What began as an attempt to protect two young girls from exposing themselves in front of an adult male ended with a call to the police—to investigate Julie, not the man in the locker room.

Sadly, this type of injustice has become a common occurrence in today’s society. It’s a direct result of prioritizing adherence to radical gender ideology over protecting our fundamental rights.

Object to a man in the women’s locker room? Banned. Draw attention to the dangers of the bathroom policy? Silenced.

That’s why Julie is fighting back.

The Center for American Liberty filed a lawsuit against the YMCA and the City of Port Townsend on Julie’s behalf, asking the court to force the City to lift Julie’s lifetime ban. The City of Port Townsend and the YMCA punished Julie because of the content of her speech—because she spoke out after seeing a man in the women’s locker room. Julie deserves justice for the violation of her First Amendment rights and the emotional distress she’s experienced because of this ordeal.

We cannot stay silent as the Left attacks our most basic freedoms. By fighting back against this ban, Julie is standing for those freedoms. Will you join her?

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Julie Jaman v. City of Port Townsend