Washington Examiner: Antifa anarchy, Portland’s apathy

Washington Examiner Editorial: Antifa anarchy, Portland’s apathy

Portland, Oregon, is rotting from within. Its streets, once a haven for creativity and expression, are roamed and controlled by masked thugs who violently and furiously attack people who disagree with them.

Conservative photojournalist Andy Ngo knows this all too well. He has spent years covering antifa and reporting on its protests in Portland, which turn out violent more often than not.

Ngo’s diligent professionalism landed him in the hospital recently. He suffered a brain hemorrhage from the antifa thugs’ attacks on him. Some of his photo equipment had also been destroyed. The attack was captured on video by a local reporter, Jim Ryan. It shows a group of masked young men hitting Ngo in the head repeatedly, spraying him with what appears to be pepper spray, and throwing milkshakes, which Portland police believe contained quick-dry cement, in his face.

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