UPDATE: Teacher Harasses Middle Schooler Who Was Suspended for Wearing Eye Black

UPDATE: Teacher Harasses Middle Schooler Who Was Suspended for Wearing Eye Black

San Diego School District officials have already falsely accused middle school student J.A. of a hate crime, suspended him, and banned him from all future sporting events. Now, J.A. is facing intimidation from his own teachers.

Two days after J.A. and his parents announced their lawsuit against the school district and the officials who baselessly accused him of racist hate violence, one of J.A.’s teachers confronted him in the hallway at school. The teacher told J.A. she was aware of the lawsuit and charged:

“You know you are giving the school a bad rap?”

Rather than comforting a student who the school had victimized, J.A.’s teacher decided to add to J.A.’s emotional stress by harassing him.

She continued, asking J.A. if he’d been forced by his parents to bring the lawsuit and questioned if he actually wanted to be a part of the case. It’s clear that this teacher had a predetermined answer she wanted to hear—that J.A. didn’t really want to hold the school accountable for its unconstitutional acts. He must have been pressured by his parents.

Naturally, J.A. was deeply upset by the confrontation. What’s more, the teacher chose to interrogate J.A. mere minutes before J.A. had to take an exam in her class. As a result of this harassment, J.A. was distracted during the exam and performed poorly.

Let’s be clear: the school’s “reputation” is not being hurt by J.A. Any harm to the school’s reputation is the sole fault of the school officials who chose to scapegoat an innocent child as a racist through a false and egregious accusation of “hate violence” that has the potential to haunt him for decades to come.

J.A. did nothing more than tell the truth. It is unconscionable that a grown adult would try to shame and victim-blame a child solely because he was brave enough to fight back against the school’s abusive acts.

The Center for American Liberty, in conjunction with the Dhillon Law Group, sent the school a Cease-and-Desist Letter, demanding that school officials do not communicate with J.A. regarding the lawsuit.

J.A. and his parents are determined to continue to seek justice for the violation of J.A.’s First Amendment rights, regardless of how the school and its employees try to intimidate them.

Join J.A. in his fight against cancel culture and his brave stand for freedom!

UPDATE: Teacher Harasses Middle Schooler Who Was Suspended for Wearing Eye Black