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All American journalists have the right to publicly critique others’ reporting. But that right is under attack by some on the left seeking to establish a national media echo chamber deplete of dissenting viewpoints.

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No journalist reports on Antifa like Andy Ngo, who for years has courageously gone undercover to expose the truth about Antifa, its illegal activities, and its true motivations. And for years, the Left has tried to silence Andy. In 2019 and again in 2021, Antifa members brutally beat Andy leaving him with significant injuries.

And now, the Left is, again, trying to silence Andy only this time they’re going to the courts and filing a completely frivolous lawsuit burdening Andy with legal expenses to defend himself. The lawsuit, which can be found below, explores the bounds of absurdity. The plaintiffs bizarrely claim that Andy violated copyright laws for retweeting their videos—while still tagging and crediting them for their videos.

But whether it is Andy Ngo or any other truth telling journalist, we cannot allow the woke fascist mob to suppress the First Amendment. And we must protect journalists’ freedom to critique other journalists’ work.

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“This lawsuit is Antifa agitprop masquerading as a copyright claim, disconnected from reality both in fact and in law. The plaintiffs shared their videos publicly on Twitter, a platform designed for exactly that purpose, and Mr. Ngo commented on this publicly posted content using Twitter platform tools, not somehow surreptitiously downloading and uploading the clips as the plaintiffs falsely claim.

If U.S. copyright law depended upon whether the creator liked, or wanted critics to review their work, we might as well tear up the First Amendment because no journalist such as Mr. Ngo, would ever be able to critique anything the author didn’t want them to. If the plaintiffs wanted to limit the reach of their work to a narrow echo chamber of fellow travelers, they could have acted accordingly, but they did not.

In a word, this lawsuit is frivolous. These claims are destined to fail–again–and we look forward to that day.”

Harmeet K. Dhillon
Morgan v. Ngo