Harmeet Dhillon Discusses Center for The American Liberty on Tucker Carlson Tonight

On July 11, Harmeet Dhillon discussed The Center for American Liberty with Tucker Carlson.

From Dhillon: “And we aim to fill the gaps that the civil rights community doesn’t fill. Like the ACLU no longer cares about First Amendment issues, certainly not for people on my side of the spectrum. But this is not a partisan organization, it’s simply there to help people who are ignored. So, Andy Ngo is the first client of The Center for American Liberty. We are also hoping to help people who are being marginalized by big tech, and oppressed by the government. I’ve sued the City of San Jose, I’ve sued Google. We’re looking at legal action in Portland, and so all of these things are things that are dear to my heart, and hopefully there will be many attorneys joining me to help take these cases.”

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