Layla Jane v. Kaiser Hospital Foundation

Layla Jane v. Kaiser Hospital Foundation

Justice for Layla

Layla Jane desperately needed help, but found herself under the “care” of medical professionals who chemically and surgically mutilated her body.

From ages 6 to 11 years old, Layla had a few intermittent and irregular psychiatric/psychological counseling sessions with various different providers for the following: anxiety issues, extreme mood fluctuations, self-harm, problems at school resulting in suspensions, social issues, oppositional behavior, defiant behavior, anger, and related issues. At age 11, Layla heard about transgenderism, did extensive “research” online, and self-diagnosed that she was actually a “boy”, and that transitioning would be the solution to all of her mental problems.

This was all doctors needed to irreversibly change her life forever.

Layla’s doctors falsely stated that she presented an increased suicide risk if she did not transition, contrary to important and reliable clinical research demonstrating the poor mental health outcomes with transition; and further failed to inform her of the drastically increased suicide risk that would follow with the completed transition.  Furthermore, they coerced Layla and her parents to undergo this treatment regimen by indicating that “it is better to have a live son than a dead daughter.”

The result, at just thirteen years old, doctors performed a radical double mastectomy on Layla and put her on testosterone treatment.

Today, Layla sees through the lies she was fed by medical professionals she should of been able to trust. She now recognizes the coercion she was under and seeks to shine a light on doctors and an industry that irreversibly changed her life forever.

Layla Jane v. Kaiser Hospital Foundation