Luka Hein v. UNMC Physicians

Luka Hein v. UNMC Physicians

“Gender clinics” are mutilating vulnerable young children…and the madness must stop!

Luka Hein’s trauma at the hands of medical professionals at the University of Nebraska Medical Center is a wake-up call exposing the nation to the barbaric realities of “gender affirming care.”

When Luka was just 16 years old, doctors rushed her into a radical double mastectomy…

…without first trying less invasive treatment options like counseling, without first prescribing puberty blockers or hormone therapy, and after just two visits to the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) gender clinic.

And in that moment, UNMC doctors robbed Luka of her womanhood.

Throughout her teen years, Luka experienced several traumatic events that caused her mental health to deteriorate. She struggled in school, had panic attacks, began cutting, and expressed suicidal ideation. In an effort to understand what she was going through, Luka started searching the internet, where she found transgender influencers who praised gender transitioning through hormones and surgery. As a result, Luka began identifying as male, convinced that transitioning would solve her mental health problems.

This was all UNMC doctors needed to irreversibly harm Luka.

UNMC doctors deceived Luka and her parents with false promises claiming that if Luka did not undergo the removal of her breasts, she would take her own life, despite medical evidence to the contrary. UNMC also concealed scientific studies that do not support surgical “transitions” for minors—including studies showing transgender surgeries actually increase suicidality and psychiatric morbidity.

Today, Luka is fighting back. She is filing suit against UNMC and its doctors and is bringing a tort claim against the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska, along with all affiliated providers, including: Dr. Jean Amoura, Dr. Perry Johnson, Dr. Stephan Barrientos, and therapist Megan Smith-Sallan.

No child should have to go through the irreversible trauma that UNMC doctors put Luka through. And if she wins her lawsuit, perhaps no child will.

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Luka Hein v. UNMC Physicians