BREAKING—Chloe Cole Pursues Punitive Damages in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

BREAKING—Chloe Cole Pursues Punitive Damages in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

April 19, 2024, San Joaquin County, CA – The Dhillon Law Group and LiMandri & Jonna LLP, in conjunction with the Center for American Liberty, filed a motion today for leave to add a claim for punitive damages to Chloe Cole’s complaint against the Permanente Medical Group, Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, and the doctors who fraudulently coerced her into a medical gender transition when she was 13-17 years old. By seeking punitive damages, Chloe aims to prove the Defendants deliberately and maliciously misled Chloe and her parents in order to force Chloe into “gender-affirming care.”

Medical professionals who peddle falsehoods and conceal research in order to mutilate young girls must pay for their egregious, intentional disregard for medical ethics,” said Harmeet Dhillon, CEO and Founder of the Center for American Liberty. “The pursuit of punitive damages is the pursuit of sufficient accountability for malpractice and true justice for Chloe. This critical measure is an important step towards ensuring no more children will be forced down the path of dangerous surgeries and drugs by the activist medical establishment.” 

“While medical professionals around the world wake up to the atrocities committed against children, the “doctors” that destroyed my childhood continue to lean into their sick experiments,” said Chloe Cole. “It is clear these butchers will not stop until they pay for what they have done. This is the next step in holding them accountable.” 

“Chloe’s case mirrors a disturbing trend among troubled teenage girls, highlighting the urgent need to halt this harmful practice,” said Charles LiMandri, partner at LiMandri & Jonna LLP. “Imposing punitive damages is crucial to dissuading gender ideologues, like the Kaiser defendants, from continuing their cruel experimentation on children. Chloe’s motion for punitive damages, backed by expert testimony and supported by California law, is a vital step in seeking justice and deterring such reprehensible conduct.”  

Background: Chloe is a female who suffered from multiple mental health co-morbidities from a young age that were never addressed or resolved.  When she was 12 years old, she expressed a perceived psychological issue “gender dysphoria”. Under Defendants’ advice and supervision, between 13-17 years-old, Chole underwent harmful transgender interventions, specifically, puberty blockers, off-label cross-sex hormone injections, and a double mastectomy to transition to a male identity. 

Chloe and her parents were not informed of the availability of less invasive psychiatric treatment or an approach that attempted to treat the underlying psychological conditions to bring about a mental state congruent with Chloe’s sex. 

Defendants made no attempt to convey and impress upon Chloe the gravity of the life-long and devastating decision that she was making. They falsely represented to Chloe that her symptoms would never resolve unless she transitioned and that she was at a high risk of suicide. Chloe’s parents were falsely advised that Chloe presented a significant risk of suicide if she did not transition.  

Chloe is seeking punitive damages based on overwhelming evidence of malice, oppression and fraud on the part of the doctors who “treated” her. This evidence is bolstered by analysis from preeminent experts such as Robin Dea, M.D., who is the former Chair of the Chiefs of Psychiatry and Regional Director of Mental Health Services at Kaiser. Dr. Dea was a leader in developing Kaiser’s transgender program, which was originally intended only for adults. 

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BREAKING—Chloe Cole Pursues Punitive Damages in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit