Justice for Andy Ngo

Violent members of Antifa must understand that they cannot simply assault members of the public with impunity.

On Saturday, June 29th, 2019, Portland-based journalist Andy Ngo was covering the often violent and disruptive protests within the city of Portland. While reporting on the Antifa protests, he was brutally targeted and assaulted by multiple members of Antifa. While Andy was perhaps the most high-profile individual assaulted that day, he was certainly not the only one.

Portland Law Enforcement Refuses to Protect Victims of Antifa.

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Violent members of Antifa, and similar organizations throughout the United States, must understand that they cannot simply assault members of the public with impunity. Your Contribution Will Help Us Fight Back Against Antifa’s Violence and others seeking to censor Free Speech.


Our legal actions against Portland members of Antifa may also include lawsuits against government defendants who have contributed to the dangerous situation that led to the assault on Andy and other members of the public. This potential suit will demand that public officeholders are held accountable, and will work to ensure that all members of the public in Portland are ensured equal protection of civil rights in the future.

Making matters worse, the Portland Police Department – which had multiple officers nearby during the assault of Andy Ngo, refused to intervene during the assault, and has also refused to arrest any of the assailants, despite being provided with evidence in the form of multiple videos showing the assault.

  • Journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted in Portland on June 29th, 2019 by members of Antifa
  • Police refused to intervene during the assault despite being on location
  • Portland PD refused to arrest anyone despite extensive video evidence
  • Andy is looking into potential civil legal action against the attackers and any accountable government officials
  • To be determined
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